Interactive Maps of Istria throughout the Medieval Centuries

Below are the seven buttons displaying the interactive map of medieval Istria in the respective period. The first map shows all the central settlements along with the ecclesiastic jurisdictions of the six Istrian bishoprics as the diocesan borders did not change from circa eleventh century onward. The remaining six maps show only the outline of secular jurisdictions.

The user must be aware that the following, just like the vast majority of the cartographic representations of jurisdictional territories of medieval polities and lordships, is but a crude estimation and (over)simplification of a territorial division that was originally immeasurably more complex and unclear even for the medieval rulers and their subjects, let alone for the historians reconstructing it centuries apart based on the few surviving primary sources. Nevertheless, the maps still offer an informed schematized overview of the evolution of jurisdictional divisions of medieval Istria

Finally, by clicking here the interactive maps can be viewed in a separate window that allows for the resizing of the maps according to the user's viewport.

All the maps were designed by the editor of Fontes Istrie medievalis, Josip Banic, based on the following templates:

Peter Štih, I conti di Gorizia e l’Istria nel Medioevo, Collana degli Atti 36 (Rovinj 2013), p. 63, fig. 5: "Carta della Contea di Pisino e della Contea d'Istria," designed by Mateja Rihtaršič;

Egidio Ivetić, ed., Adriatico orientale: Atlante storico di un litorale mediterraneo, Collana degli Atti 37 (Rovinj 2014), p. 154, mappa 45: "I possessi dei Conti di Gorizia 1250" and 46: "L'Istria nel 1230)", p. 162, mappa 62: "L'Istria veneta (1516-1797)," all maps designed by Egidio Ivetic;

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Robert Kurelić, Daily Life on the Istrian Frontier: Living on a Borderland in the Sixteenth Century, Studies in the History of Daily Life (800-1600) 7 (Turnhout 2019), p. 16, map 2: "Istrian peninsula (1535-1788)," designed by Ivan Jurković.