Circa 587

Lombard King Authari dispatches an army led by duke Ewin of Trento to attack Istria, at the time a Byzantine province. Following successful Lombard attacks, a one-year peace is negotiated between the warring parties (narrative account from Paul the Deacon's History of the Lombards). 

Paul the Deacon, History of the Lombards, book 3, chap. 27. Original autograph is lost, numerous copies from 8th century onwards exist (cf. Bethmann's and Waitz's edition referenced below). FIM edition is based on the following manuscript:
B = Cividale del Friuli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Archivi e Biblioteca, ms. XXVIII, fols. 32v-33r; copy from the second quarter of the 9th century; the manuscript is digitized and available online for consultation here.
Previous Editions
Ludwig Konrad Bethmann and Georg Waitz (eds.), Pauli Historia Langobardorum, Monumenta Germaniae historica, Scriptores rerum Germanicarum in usum scholarum separatim editi 48 (Hannover 1878), p. 132.
FIM Edition
Diplomatic edition based on B.

Hac tempestate rex Authari ad Histriam exercitum misit; cui exercituEvin dux Tridentinus prefuit. Qui post predas et incendia, facta pacem in annum unum, magnam penuriamregi detulerunt.

Apparato critico

a) sic: pro exercitui.     b) sic: pro pecuniam.


At this time king Authari sent an army to Istria commanded by Ewin, duke of Trento. After plundering and burnings, they made peace for one year and brought back a great sum of money to the king.

[translation taken from Paul the Deacon, History of the Lombards, trans. William Dudley Foulke, ed. Edward Peters (Philadelphia 2003; 1st ed. 1907), pp. 134–35, and slightly modified by the editor.]

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First citation: Josip Banic (ed.), Fontes Istrie medievalis, vol. 1: A seculo VI usque ad 803, doc. 587_HL, (last access: date).
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