Vol. 4: A 1209 usque ad 1300
February 10, 1300 (1299 more Veneto)

The Council of Forty decrees that the new walls built by the Commune of Pula, erected on the coastal side of the city contrary to the ancient pacts (doc. 1243_PP), will be tolerated for now, but that the Commune of Pula must swear to demolish these walls as soon as the doge and the Commune of Venice command it; if Pula does not approve of this decree, the walls are to be demolished immediately.

The original is lost; the text survives in the following manuscript traditions:
P4 = Venice, Archivio di Stato di Venezia, Pacta e aggregati, Pactorum Liber IV, fol. 88v; mid-14th-century simple copy.
Previous Editions
Pietro Kandler (ed.), Codice diplomatico istriano, 2nd ed. (Trieste 1986), doc. 473, p. 843; erroneously dated to 1299 and based on the 17th-century copy of P4.
FIM Edition
Diplomatic edition based on P4.

Millesimo ducentesimo nonagesimo nono, die decima februarii, XIIIa indictione.

Capta fuit pars inter XL, quod permittantur illis de Pola muri stare sicut stant nunc usque ad beneplacitum domini ducis, ipsi de Pola facientibus Comuni Veneciarum cartam de prosternendo ipsos quando dominus dux volet. Si vero ipsi Polenses hoc nollent, prosternatur id quod factum esset contra pacta, et si Consilium est contra, sit revocatum quantum in hoc.

Medieval Recollections

The charter issued on February 21, 1300, by which the Commune of Pula agrees to heed this decree promulgated by the Venetian Council of Forty – edited here as doc. 1300_MP2.

The letter sent by the Commune of Pula to Doge Pietro Gradenigo on March 15, 1300, informing him of the entire affair regarding the city walls and the approval of the decree promulgated by the Council of Forty – edited here as doc. 1300_MP3.

The letter sent by the Commune of Pula to Doge Pietro Gradenigo on June 13, 1300, acknowledging the criticism that the original charter assenting to the decree of the Council of Forty regarding the newly built walls was defective because it included neither the clause regarding the demolition of the walls on doge’s request nor any sanctiones; therefore the Commune of Pula draws a newly redacted version of the charter originally issued on February 21, 1300 – edited here as doc. 1300_MP4.

Selected Bibliography
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See the editor's comments for doc. 1300_MP2.

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