Vol. 3: A 1077 usque ad 1209

Ulrich II donates Sočerga to the Church of Aquileia.

The original is presumed lost, only a late 14th-century regestum survives recorded in the work titled Thesuari claritas which survives in several manuscript traditions, two of which, both from the first quarter of the 15th century, are considered the most representative:
B = Udine, Archivio di Stato di Udine, Patriarcato di Aquileia, ms. Thesauri claritas (Thesaurus Ecclesiae Aquileiensis), fol. 87r, digitized and available online here.
C = Udine, Archivio Diocesano, ms. Thesauri claritas.
Previous Editions
Giuseppe Bianchi (ed.), Thesaurus Ecclesiae Aquileiensis (Udine 1847), n. 548, p. 228; a new critical edition of Thesauri claritas is currently being prepared by the Istituto Pio Paschini.
FIM Edition
Diplomatic edition based on B.

Donatio Sancti Syri facta per Voldricum et ..a marchionem Istrie ecclesie Aquilegensi, anno Dominice incarnationis MCI, indictione XIIIb.c

Critical apparatus

asic B et ed. Bianchi. bsic B et ed. Bianchi: profecto pro VIIII. cseq. instrumentum signatum hoc signo (S) add. B.


A donation of Sočerga to the Church of Aquileia done by Ulrich and .. the margrave of Istria, in the year of our Lord's incarnation 1101, 13th indiction. [trans. JB]

Selected Bibliography
On Thesuari claritas, also called, somewhat erroneously, Thesaurus Ecclesie Aquileiensis, see: Giovanni Battista Corgnali, “Intorno al ‘Thesauri Claritas’: Appunti,” Memorie storiche forogiuliesi 35-36 (1939-1940): pp. 11-35.
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Editor's Notes

There are two problems with this regestum.

First, the dating elements do not concur with each other: 13th indiction points to either 1060, 1075, 1090 or 1105. However, this discrepancy can be easily explained by a simple scribal error: XIII was written instead of VIIII - a common and easy mistake to make. By correcting the indiction into the 9th, the dating elements concur and the donation is dated to 1101, indeed the era of Ulrich II's maximum activity in Istria.

Second, the two dots between "Vodalricum et" and "marchionem", meaning that the copyist could not read the original document that he was making a regestum of (or simply copying the already made regestum), pose a problem. The incumbent margrave of Istria was at the time Burckhardt II of Moosburg, and it very well could be that his name was originally written on the charter (on his term as margrave of Istria, see Josip Banic, “Marchionatus Istrie origo mythosque Wodalrici marchionis: (Re)interpreting the Genesis of the March of Istria and the Socio-Genealogical Background of Its First Margraves (c. 1060 – c. 1100),” in Mens acris in corpore commodo: Festschrift in Honour of the 70th Birthday of Ivan Matejčić, ed. Miljenko Jurković and Marijan Bradanović, Dissertationes et monographiae 17 (Zagreb 2021), pp. 189–217).

Another option is that the entire part was erroneously read by the copyist and that the original phrase was "per Vodalricum filium Vodalrici marchionis", just as the regestum of 1102 donation of Oprtalj reads (see it edited here). This second thesis seems more probable and consistent with other near-contemporaneous donations made by the same Ulrich II of Weimar and Orlamünde.

The donation was enacted as part of the plan to relinquish the entire family patrimony of House Weimar-Orlamünde in Istria to the Church of Aquileia and the incumbent Patriarch Ulrich of Eppenstein, the bastions of pro-imperial cause in the region during the fateful Investiture Controversy. See more on this here and read more on that in Banic, "Donationes pro remedio animae" cited above.

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