1093 or 1094

King Henry IV donates regalian rights over the Bishopric of Pula, namely the right to appoint and invest bishops, to the Patriarchate of Aquileia.

Original document is lost and no in extenso copies have thus far been found; the donation charter survives only in the form of a 14th-century regestum in the work titled Thesuari claritas that survives in several manuscript traditions, the best two being early fifteenth-century copies:
B = Udine, Archivio capitolare, ms. Thesuari claritas; copy from the first quarter of the 15th century.
C = Udine, Archivio di Stato di Udine, ms. Thesuari claritas, early 15th century copy, fol. 86v and 87r; available online here.
Previous Editions
Giuseppe Bianchi (ed.), Thesaurus Ecclesiae Aquileiensis (Udine 1847), docs. 536, 539, p. 227; based on B.
Dietrich von Gladiss - Alfred Gawlik (eds.), Heinrici IV. diplomata, Monumenta Germaniae historica, Diplomata regum et imperatorum Germaniae, vol. 6/2 (Hannover 1941-1978), doc. 433, p. 579; based on Bianchi's edition.
FIM Edition
Diplomatic edition based on C with different readings from B, as read from Bianchi's edition, reported in the critical apparatus.

Item privilegium Henrici imperatoris pera patriarchab Aquilegensis libere possit eligere episcopum Polensem datumc MLXXXXIIId, sub signo (S)e.


Item transcriptum privilegii donationis facte per Henricum imperatorem Aquilegensi ecclesie de Episcopatu Polensi sub data millesimo LXXXXIIIf et signo (S)e.

Critical apparatus

asic C: pro quod, sicut B.  bex patriarcham corr. C.  c) sub data B.  d) MXCIII ed. Bianchi.  e) et signo (S)] om. Bianchi.  f) millesimo LXXXXIII] MXCIV ed. Bianchi.

Selected Bibliography
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On Thesauri claritas see: Giovanni Battista Corgnali, "Intorno al "Thesauri Claritas:" Appunti," Memorie storiche forogiuliesi 35-36 (1939-1940): pp. 11-35.
Editor's Notes

As Lenel noted in 1911 (cited above), the two entries in Thesauri claritas most certainly refer to one and the same document that in essence conferred upon the Church of Aquileia the same right regarding the Bishopric of Pula as the one regarding the Bishopric of Poreč, issued in 1081 and edited here.

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First citation: Josip Banic (ed.), Fontes Istrie medievalis, vol. 3: A 1077 usque ad 1209, doc. 1093_PAP, fontesistrie.eu/1093_PAP (last access: date).
Subsequent citations: FIM, 3: doc. 1093_PAP.
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