Vol. 2: A 804 usque ad 1077
17th of August, 1061

Megingaudus, the bishop of Pula, donates a property to St. Michael's monastery, witnessed by "Istrian margrave Ulrich".

A = Venice, Biblioteca Marciana, ms. lat. XIV, n. 101 (=2804): Iustus Fontanini (ed.), Autographa membranea manuscripta Aquileiensia, p. 302; 11th-century original.
Previous Editions
Lujo Margetić, "Pet puljskih isprava iz X. i XI. stoljeća" [5 charters from Pula from 10th and 11th centuries], in Rijeka, Vinodol, Istra: Studije [Rijeka, Vinodol, Istria: Studies] (Rijeka 1990), pp. 145-47.
Pietro Kandler (ed.), Codice diplomatico istriano, 2nd ed. (Trieste 1986), doc. 103, p. 218.
FIM Edition
Diplomatic edition based on A with Kandler's and Margetić's different readings and emendations reported in the critical apparatus.

(SC) In Dei nomine.

Regnante domno Inrico anno V, die mensis augusti XVII, indictione XIIII.

Actum infraa monasterium venerabileb sancti Michaelis.

Cum secularia facta prudencium studiis sunt memorie tradita, multo decencius extimatorc ut opera pietatis, maxime que in Ecclesia Dei fiuntd, literarume memorie comendenturg.

Quapropter nos quidem Megingaudusg, Dei gracia Polensis episcopus, recolentes hoc quod ecclesie sancti Clementis doni causa donamus pro amore Dei et sanctorum in eorum patrocinia ibidem colocavimus, ecumh iudicavimus hoc scripture firmitate roborare.

Idcirco nos quidem predictus Megingaudus episcopus tradimus et confirmamusi tibi Iuvencio abbati sancti Michaelis cuncteque caterve monachorum sub tua cura degencium vestrisque successoribus i[bi]demj unam coloniamk de terral nostre ecclesie sitam in loco qui dicitur Badavom, quam olim Grimaldus frater Iohannis episcopi ad pensionemn tenuit, secundum quod eam in die consecracionis prefate ecclesie sancti Clementis donavimus, cespitem eiusdem agri super altare conferenteso ut hab acp die in antea liberam et perpetuam potestatem abeatis, teneatisq uttendi, nostra et omnium successorum nostrorum contradictione remotar, quia dignum est ut nostri successores hocs inviolabiliter observent, quod a nobis pietatis intuitut factum tam nostre anime quam ilorumu crediturv profuturum.

Unde promittentes promittimus et obligamus nos nostrosque successores contra hanc nostre donacionis sivew oblacionisx cartulamy nullo unquam tempore eset venturusz.

Quod si a nobis vel ab aliquo nostrorum successorum per aliquem ingenium fuerit attentatum, tunca' poene nomine emendetur supradicte congregacionisb' apondusc' auri librarum decemd', et post soluta penae' hec nostra ordinacio maneat in sua firmitate.

Hicf' fuerunt:

Candianusg' episcopus.
Ego Megingaudius episcopus manu mea scripsi.h'
Ego Hademarus Dei gratiai' episcopusj' manu propria perk' amore[m] sancti Michaelis perpetuuml' firmavi et subscripsi.m'
Odorlicusn' marchius Istriensis (SC) signum manus. Prefatus marchius, qui scribere nesiunto', signum crucis fecit.
(SC) Signum Vitalis testis etp' Andreas (SC) etq' Petrusr' qui vocatur Matheus iudicibuss'.
(SC) Signum manus Bertaldus Basiliacust', (SC) Ursou' filiov' eiusdemw' Bertaldi testesx'.
(SC) Signum manus Peneonis, (SC) Crisenciusy' testes.
(SC) Signum manus Grimaldus Torigide testis.
(SC) Signum manus Warda rogatis testisz'.

Et ego Petrus tabelius a predicto Megingaudoaa episcopo rogatus hec cartulambb donacionis scripsi et complevi.

Critical apparatus

a) intra ed. Kandler et Margetić.  blect. dub.  c) extimatur ed. Kandler et Margetić.  d) sancti ed. Kandler.  e) l. terrarum ed. Kandler.  f) literarum memorie comendentur] locorum vel terrarum, commendentur ed. Margetić.  g) Megingaudius ed. Kandler et saepe sic.  h) et cum ed. Margetić.  i) consignamus ed. Kandler et Margetić.  j) idem A et ed. Kandler; item ed. Margetić; ibidem em. Banic.  k) unam coloniam] una colonia ed. Kandler.  l) unam coloniam de terram] terram intra terras ed. Margetić.  m) Badava ed. Kandler.  n) pensione ed. Margetić.  o) ferentes ed. Kandler et Margetić.  p) hab ac] sic A: pro ab hac.  qsic A: pro tenendi, sicut ed. Margetić.  rom. Kandler et puncta posuit.  sseq. iuditio canc. A.  t) rectum ed. Kandler et Margetić.  usic A; illorum em. Kandler et Margetić.  v) credit ed. Kandler et Margetić.  w) et ed. Margetić.  x) obligationis ed. Kandler et Margetić.  y) cartam ed. Kandler et Margetić.  z) eset venturus] sic A: pro esse venturos; esse venturus ed. Kandler et Margetić.a') de ed. Kandler.'  b'sic A: pro congregacioni, sicut ed. Margetić.  c'sic A: pro pondus, sicut ed. Kandler et Margetić.  d'lect. dub.  e') soluta pena] solutam penam ed. Kandler.  f') h hic A; testes ed. Kandler et Margetić.  g'seq. Petensis add. Kandler et Margetić.  h') Ego—scripsi] add. al. man., id est episcopi Megingaudi, A.  i'seq. Parentinus add. Kandler et Margetić.  j'seq. scripsi add. Kandler et Margetić.  k') pro ed. Kandler et Margetić.  l') per amore—perpetuum] sic A: sive pro per amorem perpetuum, sicut em. Banic, sive pro amore perpetuo.  m') sancti—subscripsi] om. Kandler et Margetić.  n') Odolricus ed. Kandler et Margetić.  o'sic A; nesciunt ed. Kandler; nesciens ed. Margetić.  p'om. Margetić.  q') testis ed. Kandler et Margetić.  r') Signum Vitalis—Andreas—Petrus] sic A: pro Signum Vitalis—Andreae—Petri. Saepe sic nominativum loco genitivi A.  s'sic A: pro iudices; seq. sancti Michaelis in perpetuum add. Kandler et Margetić, sed perperam quia pars ista ad Hademarum episcopum pertinet.  t') Basiliaeus ed. Kandler.  u') ipso ed. Kandler.  v') Urso filio] sic A: pro Ursus filius.  w') eius de ed. Kandler.  x'seq. cumfirmavi et subscripsi add. Kandler et Margetić sed perperam quia pars ista ad Hademarum episcopum pertinet.  y') Eriseneius ed. Kandler; Criscencius ed. Margetić.  z') rogatis testis] sic A: pro rogatus testis; rogatis testes ed. Kandler et Margetić.   aa) Petrus—Megingaudo] ...Iius...predicte… ed. Kandler.  bb) carta ed. Kandler; cartam em. Margetić.


(SC) In the name of God.

During the fifth year of the reign of our lord Henry, 17th day of the month of August, 14th indiction.

Done underneath the venerable monastery of Saint Michael.

Seeing that secular deeds are committed to memory by the efforts of the prudent, it is considered even more fitting that works of piety, especially those that were done for God’s Church, are committed to the memory of the written word.

Therefore, we, Megingaudus, by the grace of God the bishop of Pula, pondering over that what we donate as a gift to the church of Saint Clement for the love of God and the saints that we have placed under their patronage, we judged this to be worthy of being reinforced by the strength of the written word.

Hence, we, the aforementioned Bishop Megingaudus, bequeath and confirm to you, Iuvencius, the abbot of St. Michael’s, and to the entire congregation of monks living there under your care or the care of your successors, a landed estate of our church posited in the place that is called Badanj that Grimald, the brother of Bishop John, once rented, as we donated it on the day of the consecration of the said church of St. Clement.

We place the sod of earth from the same field on the altar, so that from this day onward may you have free and perpetual authority to hold and enjoy it, without any objection from us and all of our successors because it is appropriate that our successors should inviolably observe that what was done out of regard for our piety [and] what is believed will benefit both our soul as well as theirs.

Therefore we solemnly promise and bind ourselves and our successors never to act against this charter of our donation or offering.

If we or any of our successors by any deception would attempt to do so, then may they pay the fine of ten pounds of weighted gold to the abovementioned congregation and, once the fine is paid, may this arrangement of ours remain in its force.

Here were: 

Bishop Candian.
I, Bishop Megingaud, wrote with my own hand.
I, Hademar, bishop by the grace of God, confirmed and signed with my own hand out of perpetual love toward St. Michael.
Ulrich, Istrian margrave, (SC) handwritten sign. The mentioned margrave, who is illiterate, made a sign of a cross.
(SC) The sign of Vitalis, a witness, and [of] Andrew (SC) and Peter who is called Matthew, the judges.
(SC) The sign [of] Bertald Basiliacus, (SC) Ursus the son of the same Bertald, witnesses.
(SC) The handwritten sign of Peneon, (SC) [of] Crisencius, witnesses.
(SC) The handwritten sign of Grimald Torigide, a witness.
(SC) A handwritten sign of Warda, an invited witness.

And I, Peter the scribe, asked [to write this], wrote and completed this donation charter.

Editor's Notes

This is the first mention of the syntagm "Istrian margrave".

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